The Portal has been designed for three types of user

Benefits for you, The Careers Service

Every student creates a professional profile which is securely hosted online and searchable to you and the employers engaged in your private community.

This means that you can track the progress of your students from day 1 and monitor their development by completing ad hoc reports, such as ‘how many of my first year students have work experience’.

Your team can liaise with students to organise careers advice meetings via the calendar functionality and view student profiles / download their CV prior to them attending.

Jobs can be posted by your team on to your private job board. You’ll be able to see stats such as how many students have viewed the job and how many have applied using their CV and cover letter. If necessary, you can request to approve job applications by students before they are sent to the employer.

You’ll be able to find and engage with students who match specific criteria by using the powerful yet flexible search tool.

Employers can engage with your students instantly, no more having to wait for applications from job posts. This helps prevent employers going to other universities and helps build and keep focus on your students.

You can gather data on what employers are searching for in your community and relay that back to your students. You will be surprised to see what employers value the most.

Benefits for your Students

From day 1 students will be taken on an educational tour of how to build their professional profile, we call it ‘the CV which grows with you’. Over time students can add to their profile as they gain experience and new qualifications.

Students build a relationship with their careers service and are able to make an appointment using the calendar to see a careers advisor. They arrive at the meeting knowing more than just their advisors name and aware that they have already seen their CV.

Students can be found by employers based on the content of their professional profile / CV and invited to internships, work placements, graduate jobs and even for events.

Students can search for employers registered in their community and view their profiles to learn more about them and the opportunities available.

Students are able to connect in their subject cohorts and find peers in their school and specific course, this means that students can arrive on campus already feeling well-connected and continue to engage with their peers throughout their time at university.

Benefits for the Employers

We help you become the one stop shop for companies wanting to engage with talent

Employers are able to showcase their company profile to your students, showing why they are a brilliant company to work for and what opportunities they have available.

Companies can use your sophisticated search tool to directly connect and engage with only your students who meet their specific criteria and engage with them. Employers can search courses, skills, languages, work experience, societies, view interview videos and much more to create a shortlist of your students.

When visiting campus, companies can add an event on to the calendar and use the search tool to invite specific students to attend. They are able to upload documents and information that the invited students can download prior to the event.

Companies can see who their university account manager is, including their contact details so that they can build a personal relationship with you.

Companies can post jobs on to your private job board. Once applications have been received they can then search through the student applications and view their corresponding profiles/CV’s.