Property Investment made easy with eJenga

The eJenga Way
  • Investors can now own part of a property without huge financial and timely commitments
  • Undertake all transactions online, including digital legal documentation, funds transfer & ownership recordation
  • Manage and monitor your investments through an online portal; receive automated rental income payments
The eJenga Vision
  • e-Jenga hopes to act as an intermediary to facilitate funding in both directions between the investors and the property developers
  • e-Jenga aims to revolutionise the traditional way of project financing in Kenya where developers will be able to showcase their properties on e-Jenga to access a diverse investor base whilst growing their company’s social network

How It Works

Earn rent from the tenants in your invested properties as well as capital gains on the rise in property prices
*Your investment value can go up or down. Historical performance is not conclusive of future results
**Subject to buy/sell market liquidity

Investor Benefits


Residential Property 1

Stabilised Multifamily

Shelly Beach Road, Likoni, Mombasa

Rating: Lion

Value: $500,000

Share Price: $0.5

Dividend Yield: 8%

Structure: Preferred Equity

No of Investors: 50

Land Property 1


Kipeto, Kajiado County – 4 Acres

Rating: Buffalo

Value: $40,000

Share Price: $0.04

Dividend Yield: 0

Structure: Preferred Equity

No of Investors: 10

Industrial Property 1


Pate Road, Industrial Area, Nairobi

Rating: Elephant

Value: $1,000,000

Share Price: $1

Dividend Yield: 12%

Structure: Preferred Equity

No of Investors: 100

eJenga has changed my life - I never knew investing could be this easy.


Navraj Singh

MEng Civil Engineering Graduate of Imperial College London from Nairobi. Currently works in London for a leading global investment bank within real estate

Mayuresh Patel

MEng Chemical Engineering Graduate from Imperial College London from Mombasa. Currently works in Aberdeen for a world leading independent Oil and Gas Company supporting offshore and onshore production facilities

Aditya Sakhuja

A true tech-fanatic and entrepreneur at heart, Aditya receieved his Bachelors and Masters degree in Electronic and Information Engineering from Imperial College London. Recently founded an innovative bar automation startup in London

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